Thursday, 21 September 2017

Post Modernism - Key Words

Defining Key words in context of Post-Modernism.

High Modernism: A movement that is known for having belief and confidence in science and technology as a way to bring order to society and nature. This form of modernity was most prevalent during the late 50s and the 60s.

Capitalism: A political system that has a country's trade and industry controlled by private markets who do so for profit, rather than being controlled by the state.

Superabundance: An excessive amount of something that is beyond the required amount, possibly with negative effect.

Disconnected: Broken, taken away from a group or the situation at hand.

Schizoid: Characterised as having varied emotions and habits in an inconsistent manner.

Pop: Popular culture of the time; including art, music and fashion.

Fragmentary: Consists of multiple, broken down fragments or pieces that no longer connect.

Eclectic nostalgia: A false sense of nostalgia and pleasant feeling resulting from a number elements that imitate the past.

Superficiality: A lack of any depth of real character or thought.

Simulacra: A representation of something, or a cheap, unsuitable substitute.

Flippant: Showing disrespect through one's attitude not giving a serious response.

Fabulation: Reinventing a story or tale with false elements. This could include works of fantasy of which the phrase originated from.

Pastiche: An artistic style that mimics or imitates the style of another artist or work.

Bricolage: A collage of available materials to create a piece of work either physical or in literature.

Aleatory: An adjective that describes the random choice in the formation of art.

Depthless: Without an end.

Skeptical: Doubtful and uncertain of the information provided.

Ambiguous: Unclear and undefined.

Innovative: Changing the norms and breaking boundaries that were once perceived as absolute.

Obfuscation: Making a subject unclear, or more difficult to interpret.

Artist Toolkit - Maya, Moom Poses (21/09/17)

Posing with the character provided for us has proven a fun and time consuming task. Completing this has helped to realise the importance of centre of gravity in a pose and how much it can change the dynamic of a stance. This has also proven to be invaluable practice with the "Moom" model which will be used for the later animated short.  

Ballerina pose

Basketball pose

Boxing pose

Street Dance pose

Kung Fu pose

Post Modernism - "Kill Bill"

Five reasons why "Kill Bill" is an example of Post Modernism

"kill Bill" is Quentin Tarantino's forth film which has been well received by both audience and reviews. 

1. (Pastiche) The film consists of numerous homages from other films taking example of shots and scenes. These are often taking from multiple genres creating a Pastiche as the film replicates multiple styles. One example of this is the yellow biking leathers worn by the main character played by 
Uma Thurman, imitating the costume worn by Bruce Lee.

2. (Intertextuality)"Kill Bill" takes a number of genres such as action, western, thriller, fighting, anime, etc. to create a single piece of film showing Intertextuality. 

3. (Hyper realism) There is an exaggerated amount of gore throughout the film often or not breaking the suspension of disblief. As "kill Bill" progresses the blood is shown to spurt excessively out of surely fatal wounds, fighting begins to take to the air defying gravity and people are hurled across the room. 

4. (Contrapuntal Sound design) While the norm for films is to have music and diegetic sounds to fit the imagery provided Tarantino's film goes against this having Western, Mexican trumpets play against the Japanese, samurai-like sword fights. The choice in sound seems to heavily contradict the imagery chosen. 

5. (Animated Scene) Breaking the convention of films before it "Kill Bill" makes use of animation to help show the origins of one of the antagonists of the film. This use of animation done in the style of Japanese anime contradicts the live action footage but also reflects elements such as the excessive amount of blood.  

Artist Toolkit - Life Drawing (20/09/17)

20 minutes

5 minute poses

20 minutes